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STB & CPE Division


CTDI offers a One-Stop Program for Multi-System Operators (MSO) including test, repair and Screen & Clean for in-warranty and out-of-warranty Set-Top Box and Modems. As an Authorized Service Center (ASC) for Motorola and Cisco-Scientific Atlanta and a Cisco Special Purpose Integrator, CTDI offers our MSO customers the highest quality and most reliable test and repair processes.

CTDI has in-depth experience with many high-volume STB and modem repair and logistics programs and provides our customers a comprehensive end-to-end, integrated solution that not only leverages CTDI's extensive test, repair and logistics management but also provides high-quality, web-based control and management of all test, repair and logistics activity.

For more information, please contact Michael Parsons, Vice President, STB Division at or Joe Esworthy, STB Sales Manager at