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Corporate Responsibility at CTDI

CTDI is committed to operating in a sustainable manner by implementing processes that minimize our negative environmental and social impacts, improve efficiency, and strengthen our competitive advantage. We embrace our corporate responsibility to integrate sustainable practices throughout all levels of our operations and, as such, CTDI's Corporate Headquarters is leading the way to a comprehensive, global CTDI sustainability mindset across all of our facilities. We are raising awareness of our employees, suppliers, partners and customers on important, contemporary environmental and social issues. CTDI is assessing ways to reduce our carbon footprint as a means to combatting global climate change. Through our sustainability initiatives, we are focused on strengthening our corporation for the long term and improving the communities in which we live and work.

"CTDI will continue to be a leader in the Communication field through our commitment to best practices in business conduct and ethics, employment practices, occupational safety and health, community involvement, customer and supplier relations, community respect and our commitment to the environment."
- Leo Parsons, President & COO

Sustainability Committee

CTDI’s Sustainability Committee is responsible for assessing and managing the company’s social and environmental impacts.  The committee is charged with the following:

  • Assessing CTDI's social and environmental impacts, including our carbon footprint
  • Identifying priority sustainability issues
  • Educating employees and management
  • Sustainability goal setting
  • Recommending programs for implementation
  • Supporting the implementation of sustainability initiatives as appropriate

Company Sustainability Committee – Employee Members

  • Joe Lutza – Director, NDS Division (Committee Chair)
  • George Ehrgott – Strategic Sourcing and Supplier Diversity Manager
  • Keith Montone – Director of Risk Management and Corporate Insurance
  • Kristin Bartholomew – Director, Human Resources
  • Heather Banchs – Safety and Risk Analyst
  • Kylie Ford – Sustainability Analyst
  • Mike Anderson – Facilities Manger
  • Mandy Allan – Marketing Specialist

CTDI Sustainability Areas of Focus