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CTDI CARES Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide funding and support to CTDI employees or their immediate family members who are afflicted or stricken with cancer or other serious illnesses. Our goal is to lessen the financial burdens and to help CTDI employees or their immediate family members confront the challenges of cancer or other serious illnesses with determination and hope.

Areas of support include costs of care that may not be covered by healthcare such as transportation to treatments and in-home services. Please fill out the CARES Request for Assistance Form and email it to to get started.

For more information, please contact

Support & Educational Resources

Committee Members

  • Co-Chairs - Brian & Brigid Parsons
  • Kristin Bartholomew
  • Kim Calamaro
  • Paul Cardell
  • George Ehrgott
  • Jackie Farmer
  • Joe Filiaggi
  • Denise Hetzel
  • Chris Howe
  • Courtney Lofgren
  • Eleanor Parsons
  • Jerry Parsons
  • Lisa Parsons
  • Cathy Plank
  • Stephanie Wittig